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False health myths through food

False health myths through food

We live in an age of false myths and contradictions. Health is so in the spotlight that it often suffers the consequences of this modern approach. The wide availability of food, far beyond nutritional needs, completely spoils the use that is made of it. It is not easy to navigate between unfounded advice and petty terrorism, with which we commonly come into contact. Each has its own versions, more or less built on false myths or distortions of scientific reality, in terms of nutrients, diets or food styles. We assume that all nutrients present in nature are indispensable. We cannot think of staying alive healthy by excluding for long periods some macros or micronutrients. So, let's immediately debunk the myth of "zero carb" to stay fit and healthy. If for short periods (not more than three weeks) protein dietotherapy schemes are useful for weight loss, it is unthinkable to perpetuate carbohydrate-free nutrition and follow overly restrictive diets. Carbohydrate-rich foods provide the energy needed for human activities, release substances such as endorphins, and are low in fat. Rather, it is important to give priority to whole foods with a low glycemic index. Another issue is gluten; it is now fashionable to follow diets poor in gluten by subjects who do not have a diagnosis of celiac disease, for the simple suggestion that it can favor the maintenance of weight. Celiac disease is a disease: only people with this condition must eliminate gluten from the diet. The fat chapter is full of spectra. There are those who aim to reduce cholesterol in their diet to the extreme, by spasmodicly controlling blood cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is a precursor to fundamental hormones and makes cells fluid and functionally active. Cholesterolemia levels should fall within certain intervals (150-200 mg/dl) but should not fall too far below the minimum value. In short, the labyrinth of too much confusing information can make us lose the right path of common sense and naturalness of nutrition. Silvia Barrucco

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